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Friday, 2 December 2016

Captain Disaster: The Dark Side of the Moon - RELEASED!

Okay, initially I was going to release this for free but I couldn't find an option on Amazon's self-publishing platform to let me do this, and then I thought... you know what, it's a fun story, it's a decent length, why shouldn't it be worth 99p?  So... that's the price I've set (the lowest allowed).  Kind of freaks me out the way Amazon intermittently changes between forcing me to name a USD price or a GBP price, maybe I'm doing something wrong... at any rate that's the price, a penny less than a pound, or currently $1.23.

So basically, what we have here is a comedy science fiction short story based on a computer game I'd previously made (available from GameJolt and completely free).  Captain Disaster awakes on a mysterious planet only to find that he's sleep-walked through an open Stargate, which has now closed behind him, with the controls on this side apparently not working.  He needs to find a way to get it working so he can go home, but there's something sinister about this moon and he gets drawn into a battle against a great evil, with only the most dubious of allies at his side...

Get it from Amazon (US)
Get it from Amazon (UK)

(If you are in another country, clicking on either link should have an option to take you to your local Amazon site too.)

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