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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Excerpt 3 from "Captain Disaster: The Dark Side of the Moon"

“There is one Time Lord, known as 'The Dentist', who has repeatedly tried to foil The Maestro's plans.  Sadly, he has been unable to.  The Diamond is still working just enough to thwart his efforts.”  If a pink flickering hologram could look sad, Floyd looked sad.

“Ah yes, I know The Dentist” said CD, “he's one of the good guys”. 

Floyd nodded.  “I have seen that to be true.  Sadly, I myself am unable to help him, being unable to leave the hotel and all that.  Perhaps you will find a way” he said, pointing at CD.  “I’ll help!” shouted Paul, unable to restrain himself.  Floyd gave a stern look and pointed at the “NO PETS ALOUD” sign, which was probably meant to be “ALLOWED” but then the sign writers backtracked and said that what they’d meant all along was that pets should be seen but not heard, preferably not seen either, but most definitely not heard.

Floyd continued, occasionally glancing suspiciously at Paul.  “The irony is, these 'Games' are the main cause of the distrust by those who made this moon and also the Crazy Diamond; the Time Lords themselves do not indulge in The Games anymore, but one insane member who is no longer truly a Time Lord was not detected as a threat by the Diamond until it was too late.”

“Isn’t it ironic?  Don’t you think?” said Captain Disaster before being overrun with ‘It’s not ironic, it’s coincidence!’ memes from around the galaxy. 

Floyd was oblivious to all the nonsense in the previous paragraph.  “The Diamond is not exactly sentient, but I believe it understands enough to be trying to get help.  As I believe I mentioned to you before.  To which your response at the time, if you recall, was that it was ‘just silly’.  I do hope your current opinion has changed.”

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