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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Excerpt 2 from "The Damaris Touch"

“Hi, I’m Damaris” said Damaris, extending what was possibly a hand but was definitely a limb of some kind.   Her voice had that special quality you normally associate with distressed cats.  CD didn’t notice.  As has been noted by others in the past, love is deaf as well as blind.  Love at first sight is also dumb.

CD pulled himself up to his full height, which wasn’t actually very tall but hey you can’t have everything, and prepared to impress.  “The name’s Disaster.  Captain Disaster.  Bacon, not blurred.”  He was as smooth as an oily fish, and nearly as attractive.

“We… um… well you see, we had a bit of an accident with our space ship, and we wonder if you might be able to help.”  Damis gestured towards their ship, with its undercarriage firmly planted in solid gold.

“We would be ever so grateful if you could help us, brave and handsome captain” rasped Damaris, putting on her best duck face.  Eventually her best duck got tired of this and flew off, but she was still pouting underneath.  A disturbance could be felt in the Force, almost as if a similar joke had been used in the near proximity.

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