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Captain Disaster: The Damaris Touch - 1 2

Monday, 22 May 2017

Novel feedback from my Beta Reader

Plot and pacing good, characterisation needs work - to the Typing Machine! 

BargainBooksy experiment - further thoughts

Further to my initial post about my BargainBooksy campaign, with absolutely no KindleUnlimited page views since (and no new reviews, I have to view it as mostly a failure.  Still it might be worth trying again with a 99p book (which is apparently the best price point for these campaigns) or a discounted period,  but we'll have to see.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Bargain Booksy experiment

Decided to get some paid advertising on Bargain Booksy - not an overwhelming success but at least I sold 5 copies of The Captain Disaster Collection - hopefully will get a couple of reviews from that as well.  Only made back about 30% of the cost of advertising though, maybe some KindleUnlimited page views in the coming weeks, if so it may even get to the stage where I would consider it a definite success.  Anyway, the effort continues!