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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Excerpt from The Captain Disaster Collection

This is from Episode 3 - Wormhole

Wormholes are, in fact, extremely rare, as there aren't many Space-worms around to make them. Space-worms are unusual creatures in that they are made from pure nucleonic power, and are about fifteen light-years long. Apart from those things, however, they differ vastly from the wrath of an average housewife. Their sole purpose seems to be that of wrecking the universe, which is pretty stupid as that would result in their destruction as well, but then they're pretty stupid creatures. Wormholes are, contrary to some extremely far-fetched ideas (such as that they're caused by butterflies), caused by space-worms boring holes from one dimension into another.  Wormcasts in space are quite another matter, but we won't go into that right now....
"Oh look, that's a pretty wormhole!" piped up Zero-bit.

"Get real! That's not a wormhole, that's a..... a..... that's a wormhole.  Oh.  What's a wormhole doing here, just outside junction eleven then?"

"Beats me. It seems to be quite a new one, too."

"How can you tell if it's new or not?"

"Er, well you wouldn't be able to because I filter it out before it gets to the cabin, but boy do they smell!"

"Aha. So, is that good?"

"Well, good and bad for the same reason.  We might see a space-worm."

"Why would that be good?"

"Because we'd be the first ones to ever get pictures of one, and we could sell them and get mega-rich! Even richer than your relatives were in the height of their richness. And famous, we'd be famous beyond our wildest dreams!"

"My wildest dreams are rarely about being famous, but we won't go into that right now, ZB. What's the bad news?"

"We'd get fried if we got within 100 million miles of the thing."

"Aha. So, is that bad?"

"Weren't you listening to me?"

"No, I was just reading the autocue. Damned thing must have gone up the creek again."

The Captain Disaster Collection (Amazon Kindle Edition) features 11 episodes, and is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US and in fact Amazon anywhere else.

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