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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Excerpt 4 from The Captain Disaster Collection

Excerpt from Episode 9 - "Lighter Than Fast."

"Excuse me, I want to come in", said the handsome stranger, ignoring all the rules of space, such as that which said if you didn't wear a helmet in deep space you'd die.

Ignoring all the rules of space-flight, especially the one that said you shouldn't open a door in deep space on a Monday evening, they opened the door and let the handsome stranger in.

"Sorry about that, but I'm late, you see. I've got to save the planet Galgatron." He sounded like Alec Guinness with constipation.

"But I've already done that! And I didn't get a big hairy thing called a Koowy! What's your problem?"

"Oh, hold on, that's the other episode, isn't it?" came the startled reply from a man who was startled.

"What, you mean the first episode?"

"Yes, the forth episode."

"The fourth episode?"

"That's the first episode."

"So you're in the first episode?"

"Yes. The fourth one."


"Actually, that means I don't exist yet. Oh, hang on a minute. Yes I do. I'm just a lot older than I am now." With that he aged before their eyes. "Then I'm going to die, and then I'll be young again and start getting older. But if you kill me I will only grow stronger. I think."

"Ah", said everybody, nodding their heads sagely, as they did from thyme to thyme.

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