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Monday, 7 November 2016

Excerpt 3 from "Mellow Hip of the Thing"

Bombadil led them to his house, which looked like a giant mushroom.

“This is my house”, said he, “which looks like a giant mushroom.  However, do not be fooled by appearances” he continued, “ for this is a giant mushroom.”

The hobbits looked at each other, then at Tom Bombastic.  The looked at each other again and shrugged.  As long as there was the chance of free food from this moron, they were happy.

“And this…” he said proudly, gesturing to a golden-haired woman, “is my lovely Goldberry!”.

It was a vision of beauty that the hobbits had never before beheld.  She looked absolutely stunning, with long golden hair and an amazing body.  She turned round to the entranced fat little creatures, and their jaws crashed to the floor.

She had the face of a horse.

Not metaphorically; she literally had the face of a horse.  Some cruel genetic trick had been played on her perhaps, or maybe a curse had been put on her.

“Would you like some honeyed tea?” she asked sweetly.

“Neigh” said everyone, unable to stop themselves.

Mellow Hip of the Thing is available from Amazon Kindle UK or Amazon Kindle US, and indeed Amazon stores based in other countries. 

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