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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

One more love poem before I publish the collection

I've always liked this one although looking at it in the cold light of day years on, it comes across as pretty pretentious... (my defence is, as always, that I was young then!).

Dancing With Your Eyes.

            Those eyes of yours set my emotions swirling
like a dervish my passions keep whirling
as around your little finger I find myself twirling.
            Big brown beautiful irises penetrate my soul
capturing my heart is their goal
burrowing past my defences like a mole.
            No girl has ever looked into my eyes
the way you do, wrapping up my feelings with ties
unbreakable, taking me to explore new highs.
            Do you even know that I'm crazy about you,
ever since that moment when I realised I knew
seeing you made my heart do a somersault or two?
            When you phoned the other night
did my broad hints give you an insight
into my plight?
            My nerves you have set ablaze
but I can picture you through the haze
each and every one of my days.
            Since I couldn't get the words out the other day
I can think of no other, or no better way
of getting across what I want to say
            Than writing this poem, imprinting
my feelings upon this paper, losing
part of my heart in the process, hoping
the currency of love I'm minting
doesn't turn out to be
            As my hand trembles writing this
I wish upon wish you feel the same way too;
yet, if it is not to be, my only fear
is that I'll lose your friendship, so
promise me this;
Our rapport, our fondness for each other
as friends will live on
through the years, the seasons,
the good times and the bad
the happy times and the sad

When I started this poem, I had a rhyme-scheme,
but my emotions cannot be constrained by these bounds.
I don't know if I'll ever even have the courage to give
this poem to you, or whether it will remain
inside my heart.
            If so, then you will never know, or maybe
I will find a way to activate my larynx into
forming the sounds to echo my emotions.
            Maybe I'll just stay forever looking,
dancing with your eyes.

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