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Outside, Inside - 1 2 3 4

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

New review - The Captain Disaster Collection

Nice compliments and very fair criticisms! :-D  (Although I would point out that the stories came first, the video games were actually based on the stories originally.  It's just that this reader knew about the games before the stories.)

"The Captain Disaster Collection is a quick and enjoyable read, containing 11 short stories. Captain Disaster originates from a series of videogames and is a sci-fi parody with lots of silly humor, weird characters and wild ideas. In its best moments it evokes the spirit of Douglas Adams, while in its worst the author is trying too hard to force jokes into every single line while repeatedly breaking the 4th wall for no reason.

But even if the humor is somewhat hit-and-miss and there's no such thing as a cohesive plot, this little ebook with its fast-paced writing style is highly entertaining. This book won't change your life, but if you like this kind of humor, Captain Disaster will put a smile on your face."

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