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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

New Captain Disaster short story named

I've finally decided on a name for the new Captain Disaster story - The Wilder Gene.  3.5K words down, probably aiming at around 8-10K in total. 

Here's another extract:

A group of aliens of many shapes and sizes started lumbering towards them, weapons at the ready.   CD gave Zero-Bit some instructions and ran out of the ship, rolling and diving as the aliens began taking pot shots at him.  Disaster Area lifted off and moved in the other direction.    

CD ran faster than he’d ever run, except possibly when being chased by the giant mutated cheeseburger on Deepfriedicus-4, and just managed to hurl himself behind a large rock as laser blasts fizzed past him. 

“Ah, hello there” said a voice.  Captain Disaster looked up and saw that the voice emanated from a well-built man who looked like he was probably a soldier of some kind, but not dressed in battle fatigues.  He spotted Storm Trooper armour nearby and flinched involuntarily.  Duke smiled.  “Oh don’t worry about that, my days of supporting an evil galactic empire are over, man.  My and my man Travis are best buds against the dark forces that plague the galaxy.”

He nodded towards Twavis, who nodded.  “Wwe wwon’t let them get awway!” he cried.

“Nice…” muttered CD.  “But do you have any idea how to get rid of this lot?”  

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