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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Extract from WIP Captain Disaster story

Haven't decided on a title for this story yet - it's about (at a guess) 15-20% done so far.  More news soon, in the meantime here's a little snippet from the start of the story:

Captain Disaster was bored.  He’d had so many adventures by now that any time spent not on an adventure felt like a relief for all of five minutes, and then he missed the excitement for as long as it took for the next nerve-jangling, life-endangering escapade to take place.   CD himself and his entire worldwide fan base – yes, all three of them – had awaited this moment.

Now it had come.

Unfortunately, it had come in the form of The Celestial Warriors, a band of lunatics who wanted to cleanse the galaxy of humans.   Since our lovable captain loosely fitted the criteria for “human”, they were currently trying to destroy his ship.

“Will the Picard Manoeuvre be of any help here?” enquired ZD.

Zero Bit was concentrating on evasive actions so it took him a while to reply.  When he’s managed to get a small asteroid belt between them and the Warriors, he replied “sadly not, Captain.  Still, we appear to have managed to lose them for a moment.  It will take them a while to navigate that asteroid field.”

“What’s up with these Celestial Warriors, anyway?  They sound like an American Football team.”

“It’s a bit of a misunderstanding.  They watched The Matrix and thought it was a documentary, and ever since have viewed the human race as a virus.  Ever since then they have viewed it as their Quest to rid the Galaxy of the human race.”

After a small intermission during which Captain Disaster rolled around and took his shirt off, ZB piped up “Ah.  It would appear they have caught up with us”.

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