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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Guest post I wrote for "Kevin's Corner"

I did a guest post for Kevin's Corner, a blog all about books, book reviews and the like.  This was the first paragraph:

Let me tell you a story.  Back in the late 90s I was a teenager with a dream of becoming a published author.  Well to be honest I never really got very far with that, at least until self-publishing became ridiculously easy, but I did at least achieve a little success in the Indie Press, or the “Small Press” as we tended to call it then.  Slightly before the millennium I got a story published in a tiny magazine (photocopied and with a distribution of about 150 for the first issue I think) called “Visions”.  It was the first of quite a few short stories and poems I have published in the Small Press over the next few years – never coming anywhere close to hitting the big time unfortunately – but the very first story I ever had published was Captain Disaster Episode One – The Planet Eater of Acturus.  A further 5 episodes would be published in Visions before the magazine closed down. 

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