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Friday, 15 September 2017

Excerpt from "Outside, Inside"

The Test: An Allegory.

An enchanted dream
breezes through my mind, an echo
of the past, of happier days, or maybe
the future, of joyful things to come.
But lo!  What is this I espy, a creature
foul and wicked, utterly detestable
and yet
so attractive, beguiling, alluring…
But what is this?!  It has a name,
on its forehead, and its name is this;
I ponder this dream, and it seems to me
that TEMPTAION has taken a form,
more definite than before.
A Woman.
A woman I know.
yet I know her not.  She looks deep
into my eyes, piercing me…
and I understand.
… to keep me from my love, my love
so sweet and true, true
in ways beyond comprehension, beyond words.  But as I turn
to walk away, I find
my adversary standing, facing me, no matter
which way I turn.
Her eyes are boring into me, into
my soul, and she opens
her mouth as if to speak,
but says nothing.
So in my despair I ask,
“Who are you?”

To this she mockingly replies,

Read the full poem in my collection Outside, Inside.

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