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Monday, 13 February 2017

New review of The Mellow Hip of the Thing

Some's left a nice review of Mellow Hip - I'll have to look at it and see if I need to update based on the suggestions (on formatting and placement of author notes).

It's a funny thing being an author - it's sometimes more pleasing to see a review with a slightly lower rating but with comments that show the reviewer has actually put some real thought into their appraisal, than a 5-star review with a glib "Great story!" comment.  Such is life. All feedback is good, generally.

Here's the review (the reviewer gave it 3 stars):

I wasn't sure what to expect when I began reading this parody of "The Fellowship of the Ring." Overall, it was entertaining. I did find myself laughing at some of the contemporary language: 
1. When Arwen almost drowns and Aragorn said he didn't help her cause he thought she was a new-age woman who didn't need a man to do everything for her 
2. When Merry asked Gandalf if he's using an energy-saving light bulb on his staff 
3. When Galahadriel said Gandalf is Gandalf the Grey, but known as Gandalf the Gray in America 

I think the author should have saved all Author's Notes for the end of the novel. It disrupted the flow of the novel to have to stop and read an author's note at the end of Act II Scene II. Also, I don't think you need any part of a story's dialogue to be in bold-faced. If the words are italicized or written in all caps, that's enough to get the reader's attention. 

 Dave Seaman has a style that's all his own. I'm interested in seeing what he does when he writes a parody of "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King."

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