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Saturday, 31 December 2016

End 2016 by picking up a free copy of Captain Disaster: The Dark Side of the Moon!

If you like sci-fi with a bit (okay a lot) of humour, references to classic sci-fi books, movies and TV series that you loved, also references to point and click adventure games that you loved (and if you didn't, why not?!), and a bit of Pink Floyd sprinkled in, this could just be what you've been looking for all your life but never realised.

I would really appreciate honest reviews from anyone who does read this.

Also don't forget the game that inspired this story is always free - look past the graphics (they're not the best as I did them myself) and you'll find a good little point and click adventure game there, fully voiced and with a few devious puzzles and a lot of laughs.  Should take most players about 2-3 hours to complete.  Get it here.  (Two versions available, if you want the voiced version by sure to download Captain Disaster in: The Dark Side of the Moon TALKIE VERSION.)

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